Bussiness Dutch course

For most employees from non-Dutch-speaking backgrounds, Dutch is a complex language 

Course format at Dutch Language Courses is tailored to your requirements 

Why choose Baay Dutch Language Courses in Rotterdam for a course in Dutch business writing? The answer is simple. At Baay Dutch Language Courses, we offer customised courses that are fully tailored to your needs. Our qualified trainers are highly experienced in this approach. The Dutch business writing course is fully tailor-made and matches the level and needs of all participants. The knowledge gained can be immediately used in the workplace. This is not only stimulating, but also gives you the opportunity to fully master the knowledge you have acquired. If you encounter difficulties in your business environment, you can bring them up during the next lesson. 

Baay Dutch Language Courses offers a variety of courses 

Does talking in Dutch already come easy to you, but do you miss confidence when it comes to writing? In that case, we advise you to sign up for our Dutch business writing course.  Should it appear during the intake conversation that your level is not quite up to standard yet, we will advise you to first take an individual course, to help you quickly master the Dutch language. We offer our individual speed courses both face-to-face and online. 

Choose from different course types at Baay Dutch Language Courses 

To achieve the required basic level for the Dutch business writing course, Baay Dutch Language Courses in Rotterdam offers various course formats. 

  • Individual training: For those who want to master the Dutch language at a fast pace. This can be a consecutive course or weekly lessons. The main advantage is that individual training is fully adapted to your specific needs and level. 
  • Group training: The content of this course is fully tailored to the needs and level of all participants. We look at the level of all participants and at the business sector in which they work. The advantage of a group course is that you get to meet like-minded people and can build social connections. 
  • Tailored in-Company courses. Companies that regularly use expats or non-native speakers often use this type of customised training. The content is specifically tailored to the working environment and the use of professional jargon. 

More information?

Do you want to know what the requirements and possibilities are for taking a business Dutch course as a company or an individual? Then contact us.